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Dr. Bass

Tel. 07990 634266

Email drbass@drbass.co.uk

About me
enquiries@drbass.co.uk 07990 634266

Corona virus

I am not taking on new students during the outbreak.

Experienced teacher

I have been teaching music since 2005, both privately and at the Young Arbury Music Makers, where I was the  Musical Director for five years.

Experienced player

I’ve played in many different styles - rock, pop, funk, jazz, folk and others. See the photos round the edge of this page for some of the bands I’ve played with.

Photo of Dr. Bass playing soul music with Mandingo Dream at the Willow Festival, Peterborough

At a festival with the Miss Jones Jazz Band

With the Combertones With Spooky Slim With the Mawson Road Community Orchestra With The Combertones at Le Vaudreuil, France With the Jammers With the Reflexions at the Boat Race As a busker in the film Love Is... With Slinky Boy and the Bartones With Isis With Other Comfort at the Boat Race


Contact me

Telephone 07990 634266

Email enquiries@drbass.co.uk

My student wrote…

“I'd like to say a huge thank you for the bass lessons a year or so ago now.

I managed to sit in on a track with some professional musicians at a session on Monday evening (these guys wrote a track that is practically a household name!) and without your lessons (especially on timing and feel) I would not have had the confidence or ability to step up and play.”


I normally give half-hour lessons, because I find that this gives the best value. I charge (123) 456 7892 per half-hour lesson.

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