Special skills


2013 - Tournament of Improv - Member of group performing improvised comedy.

2012 - Misunderstood sitcom (Envision Television) – Eric, father of the Divine family.
Dreams of Transcendence (part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas) – actor in sketches.

2011 - Cambridge Lives soap opera (project by Envision Television) - played Martin Collins, father of the Collins family.
The Brass Teapot (Laundry Films) - expert on Arthurian legends.
Bridge of Regrets (Trirème Films) - college bursar who refuses an application for a bursary.

2010 - Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show (for BBC3) - One of a line-up of pretty “girls”, with a spoken line and improvisation.
The Three Musketeers, (ADC theatre) - Father whose actions resulted in the breakup of a family, yet remaining loving to them.
No Through Road, (ADC theatre) -  asylum seeker who is let down by the immigration system.

2009 - Love Is, a short film by Colin Moody and Leoni Kibbey - the busker, whom the park’s gardener elbows aside to court the human statue.
The Secretary, (ADC theatre) - cleaner, who helps the secretary escape from her ordeal.
Helter Skelter, (Joshua Kiff) - Chris, the main character.  The film charts the break-up of Chris’ life from drug abuse and mental illness.  Watch it here.

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Love Is

Helter Skelter