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Music Lessons

Music lessons in Cambridge

What would you like to do? Strut your stuff in a rock band? Sing your favourite songs to your friends? Just enjoy playing to yourself?

I’ve been a music teacher since 2005, and a performing musician (in many musical styles) since well before that. I give lessons in Guitar, Bass Guitar, Double Bass and Ukulele.

My students have passed Rockschool grade exams, and performed in bands. I’d like to use my experience to help you.

“I wanted to thank you for all the excellent work you've done with my son over the last year which has given him wonderful self confidence and enjoyment.”

Free introductory session.

I’d like to help you find your inner musician. To do that, I need to know your taste in music and what you want to do. You need to know who I am and what it feels like to have a lesson with me. So bring your instrument and have a chat.

Why don’t you get in touch and arrange a free meeting?


A really versatile instrument. Play blistering solos and killer rhythms in a band, accompany your singing, or just set a background mood.

What’s your instrument?

Bass Guitar

Every band needs one. People are listening to the singer and the lead guitar, but they are dancing to the bass and drums.

Double Bass

A bit more specialist then a bass guitar, and a pain to transport, but what a sound! Just what you need for Jazz and Blues.


What a lot of fun! A really portable instrument, and a great accompaniment for your singing.

With Dr. Bass