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Dr. Bass

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Music Lessons
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Corona virus

I am not taking on new students during the outbreak.

What next?

I am not taking on new students during the coronavirus outbreak.

Here, you can find out about me,

And please enjoy my hints and tips.

If you are looking for instrument lessons, I can recommend my old teacher very highly - his web site is at https://www.gigabull.co.uk/

Why learn music with a teacher?

Having music lessons is the fast track to being a great player.  Why?

What’s your instrument?


A really versatile instrument. Play blistering solos and killer rhythms in a band, accompany your singing, or just set a background mood.

Double Bass

A bit more specialist then a bass guitar, and a pain to transport, but what a sound! Just what you need for Jazz and Blues.

Bass Guitar

Every band needs one. People are listening to the singer and the lead guitar, but they are dancing to the bass and drums.


What a lot of fun! A really portable instrument, and a great accompaniment for your singing.

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