Double bass lessons in Cambridge with Dr. Bass

Dr. Bass

Tel. 07990 634266


Double bass lessons

Corona virus

I am not taking on new students during the outbreak.

Things we could do:

Beginners are welcome

Most of my students have started with no previous experience, and many have gone on to do great things.

Want to play the Double Bass?

Playing the bass is very much about playing with other people. Every band needs a bass player, and there’s not so many about, so you won’t be short of opportunities.


I am close to Cambridge railway station. There is nearby meter parking.

Get the right help

I’m a bass teacher in Cambridge - I teach in jazz and blues styles (but not classical). I’ve been teaching since 2005, and playing for a lot longer, so I can use my experience to help you develop your playing.

Free introductory session.

I’d like to help you find your inner musician. To do that, I need to know your taste in music and what you want to do. You need to know who I am and what it feels like to have a lesson with me. So bring your instrument and have a chat.

Why don’t you get in touch and arrange a free meeting?

Choosing an instrument

When they meet me for the first time, people often ask me how to choose their first instrument. My general advice is: go to a shop (so you can see what you’re getting), and don’t spend too much (wait till you know what you’re looking for, then invest).

For more detail, follow the link.

Different instrument?

If you are looking for a different instrument, click a button to go to the page.

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