Music for films

“Who’s Scared?” is a film about a lover’s tiff, by Chris Child in association with CIFA, the Cambridge Independent Filmmakers’ Association.  Dr. Bass has been asked to write music for the film and to create the sound track.  

These are test pieces, to try out different ideas with the director.

Sting for Osiris Song played by the busker Love Is

“Love Is”, a short film by Colin Moody and Leoni Kibbey. Dr. Bass played the busker, and composed the music and stings for the other characters. The film shows how the park’s gardener elbows aside the busker and courts the human statue.

Who’s Scared? Remember me? (house) Who’s Scared? (blues) Another theme (rock) Party Animal (house) More song samples

To download the music samples, right click on the title and and select “save link as”.

Out on the town (house)